ORLANDO - The verdict in the Casey Anthony Murder Trial is in: NOT GUILTY.  The United States justice system seems to have failed America once again, but who's to blame?  The jury?  The Death-Hungry State of Florida?  A crafty defense?  Answer: The Prosecution.  Simply put, the prosecution overcharged the case.
For many of those following the case closely, a very reasonable possibility of what actually happened is that Casey used chloroform (!) to put her two year old into a very sound sleep so mommy could go out and party, but she accidentally overdosed and killed little Caylee.  Even after the prosecution's single-minded spin, the possibility of an accidental overdosing was not eliminated — such a scenario did not contradict any of the evidence — and that equals reasonable doubt.  A more reasonable charge might have been involuntary manslaughter.  In this bloodthirsty country of ours, however, the prosecution is expected to go for the jugular, the mob demands it, and the evidence was just not there to support it.
Foremost, the prosecution could not unequivocally say what the cause of death was.  That left it possible for the defense to make any claim of manner of death they fancied.  Second, the prosecution could not present a solid motive for a premeditated killing.  Going for the death penalty without manner of death and motive was suicide.  Third, the prosecution never explained why, if the duct tape was the murder weapon (as they claimed), why wasn't the duct tape removed from the tiny corpse when it was disposed of.  Casey had no idea how quickly the body might be discovered. Not removing the "means of death" is tantamount to burying a shooting victim with the gun that killed him (and all the DNA/forensic evidence associated with it).  It makes no sense.
In my opinion, the jury, like many of us, believes Casey Anthony killed Caylee, but that it was possibly not premeditated, not intentional.  The prosecution did not — could not — prove first-degree murder because the evidence was not there.
As a result of the prosecution's decision to go for the cheese, murder one or bust, Casey Anthony walks away and Caylee's ashes continue to rest in the dark loneliness of a cold, cold urn.
There has been a most brutal justice today: when you overcharge a case, the monster will walk among us.  Our justice system did work.  And it's a sad, terrible day.
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July 5, 2011
Casey Anthony
  by Jack Tarpits    Crime
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Caylee Anthony
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