Jodi Arias: No Defense
PHOENIX - Like most trials, the Jodi Arias trial is about evidence.  Evidence alone, no change of heart or sense of guilt, is what forced Jodi to abandon all of her bogus alibis and admit that she killed Travis Alexander.  The first alibi Jodi Arias offered, the planned one, was that she was nowhere near Travis Alexander's house at the time of his murder (and she had the gas receipts to prove it!); she was forced to abandon that position because of the evidence.  Her next story was that although she was at the victim's house at the time of the murder, it was two ninjas (!) who broke into the house who slaughtered Travis, sparing her life for hard-to-comprehend reasons; she had to abandon that reeking piece of bullshit because of the evidence.  Her current version is that she was at the house, she did kill Travis, but it was in self defense.  Unbelievably, the Defense is defending her story by offering no defense against any of the evidence!  
First off, Travis Alexander was stabbed 27 times and shot once in the head.  As to the events of the actual murder Jodi is a tad foggy, however she is certain that the single shot to the head occurred first, before any stabbing.  This flies in the face of overwhelming and easily comprehensible evidence.  The Prosecution put the Medical Examiner on the stand who laid out the reasons that the shot had to have been done after the stabbings: (1) there was no bleeding or bruising caused by the gunshot, meaning Travis was already dead, he had bled out and his heart had stopped beating; (2) the damage caused by the gunshot would have been immediately incapacitating and Travis would have lost the ability for any intentional movement, like defending himself, thus disputing Jodi's claim that Travis kept coming after her after she had blasted him in the right temple; (3) the many stab wounds had caused massive bleeding, and Travis had multiple defense wounds caused by the knife, impossible had the gunshot been first.  Also, the lone bullet casing was found on top of a splotch of blood on the floor, not submerged in it; obviously the casing would have had to have been beneath the blood had the gunshot been the first wound, since the gunshot wound did not bleed.
Amazingly— truly amazingly — the Defense did not put up any witness of their own to dispute the conclusions of the medical examiner.  Take a second to absorb that reality.  The Medical Examiner's conclusions are undisputed by the Defense.  All they offered for proof of Jodi's claim was Jodi's testimony.  Apparently the Defense could not locate even one down-on-his-luck half-assed sawbones with halfway decent credentials who would agree to get up on the stand and say that there is any way whatsoever that the gunshot could have come first.  And you know if they could have found such a person they would have put him on the stand pronto.  No defense.
Next, comes the gun itself.  Jodi's testimony is that it was the victim's gun that she retrieved from his closet as she ran about, fearing for her life.  The Prosecution produced friends Travis went shooting with who unanimously testified that Travis never owned a gun.  Furthermore, the lead detective testified that the search of the victim's home produced absolutely nothing — no extra ammo, no holster, no gun box, no sales record, etc.— that might suggest the victim ever owned a gun.  Once again, amazingly, the Defense offered no evidence of any kind to support Jodi's claim that it was Travis Alexander's gun.  One can only conclude that no such evidence exists and that Jodi Arias must have supplied the gun.  Premeditation with no defense offered.
One of the biggest smoking guns of premeditation are the gas cans that the Prosecution claims Jodi Arias used to carry enough gas with her so that she would not have to stop in Arizona to buy gas, keeping her "off the grid," and allowing her to claim she was nowhere near Travis Alexander's home at the time of the butchery, her original pre-planned alibi.  Workmanlike, the Prosecution produced evidence that Jodi had the gas cans with her, that she filled them with gas in Pasadena, California, and again in Salt Lake City, Utah, after her sub rosa venture into Arizona.  (By the by, the question prosecutor Juan Martinez should have posed to the jury at closing is, since it is now undisputed that Jodi went to Arizona, why didn't Jodi buy gas in Arizona, if not to produce her original alibi?)  And, as usual, the Defense did not dispute the existence of the gas cans, that they were filled in Pasadena, emptied during the foray into Arizona, and filled again in Salt Lake City.  They stuck with Jodi's claim that the reason for the gas cans was that gas is cheaper in California (Ha!) and/or that she brought the gas along with her in case she ran out of gas in the desert, which begs the question, why did she use the gas if it was brought along for emergencies?
I could go on this way with all the evidence, but it would just be the same song, different verse.  No defense, no defense, no defense against the evidence is the refrain of the Defense.  All they have sought to prove is that Travis Alexander was "abusive" (despite witnesses to the contrary), and therefore everything Jodi has claimed is true despite the evidence.  America can only hope this tactic does not work, that common sense prevails, and the jury metes out the justice Jodi Arias so richly deserves: first-degree premeditated murder.  In the words of Mel Brooks, Jodi Arias is "incredibly guilty."
May 5, 2013
“You can mark my words…no jury will convict me”
  by Jack Tarpits    Crime
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