A Message To You, Jodi
September 8, 2014
I have been planning a blog on why the Prosecution has no chance in hell of sticking Jodi Arias with the death penalty ...and then, on August 4, as if thoughtfully designed to kick me in the ’nads (thank you very much), Miss Arias decided to represent herself in the upcoming penalty phase of her first-degree murder trial.  Although her defense attorneys will be in court to "advise," her key to avoiding the death penalty has been chucked into a shit-crater, and unless she corrects this wrong turn she will likely be sentenced to die.  That is to say, Jodi Arias is incapable of arguing the key point that will spare her life...
Jodi Arias: No Defense
May 5, 2013
PHOENIX - Like most trials, the Jodi Arias trial is about evidence. Evidence alone, no change of heart or sense of guilt, is what forced Jodi to abandon all of her bogus alibis and admit that she killed Travis Alexander.  The first alibi Jodi Arias offered, the planned one, was that she was nowhere near Travis Alexander's house at the time of his murder (and she had the gas receipts to prove it!); she was forced to abandon that position because of the evidence.  Her next story was that although she was at the victim's house at the time of the murder, it was two ninjas (!) who broke into the house who slaughtered Travis, sparing her life for hard-to-comprehend reasons; she had to abandon that reeking piece of bullshit...
Michael Jackson Trial
Novenber 5, 2011
LOS ANGELES - The one good thing about the jury not reaching a verdict on its first day of deliberations in the Michael Jackson case is that it gives me a chance to spout off on the spectacle before the whole world is praising and condemning the verdict, whatever it is.  And I’ve got a few beefs with what’s been coming down.
First off, what happened to “Wacko Jacko” the “self-proclaimed” King of Pop?  It reminds me of Elvis.  I was alive when the King died on the throne, and I remember the unkind things people were saying about him before he died...
Warren Jeffs &
Freedom of Religion
August 11. 2011
SAN ANGELO - Polygamic prophet Warren Jeffs’ greatest crime is not his abuse of underage girls — which is grotesque and horrific — it’s his abuse of Freedom of Religion, one of our county’s greatest tenets.  For you eremites out there, Warren Jeffs, President of the Fundamental Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), was recently convicted of two counts of sexual assault of a child; he claimed it was his religious prerogative, that he was protected by the First Amendment...
Casey Anthony:
The Thing That Wouldn’t Die
August 5. 2011
ORLANDO - Good grief, it's been a month since her acquittal and she’s still in the news!  Here’s the deal: On January 26, 2010, Casey Anthony was convicted of six counts of check fraud in which she stole better than four hundred dollars from her “friend” Amy Huizenga.  Orange County Circuit Judge Stan Strickland sentenced her to 412 days in jail — credited to time served — followed by one year of probation.
Now here’s the rub: because she was already in jail awaiting trial for the murder of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee...
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