I, Farticus, will submit the first and most basic staple of dorm cuisine.

1 part rice
2 parts water

1 pot with lid

Rice is inexpensive, filling, tasty, easy to make, super-healthy, and the backbone of many fine dishes.  I Have Lived On Nothing But Rice And My Urine!  Why not Instant Rice?  Because the recipes for Rice and Instant Rice are IDENTICAL!  BOIL IN WATER!  Instant Rice might save you a few minutes, but you will sacrifice flavor, cost, and nutrition.  If you are in a tight, 007 kind of nuclear jam, then, by all means, go Instant; otherwise, do the rest of your life a favor and learn how to make rice.  I can tell you this, if you’re sack-deep in some goo-hole in some godforsaken shitcrater and you have to kill some crippled beggar for his food, he sure as hell won’t be carrying Instant Rice on him!  You die asshole!

Place rice into pot.  Add water.  Swirl around a bit to try to get rice into an even layer.  Place pot on burner, turn to High, bring to a boil.  At boil, turn burner to low; put lid on pot.  Go amuse yourself for 15 minutes, maybe even study.  Come back; turn off heat.  Wait until rice is cool enough to eat.  Eat.

Option 1: fluff with fork.
Option 2: season with low-sodium soy sauce or whatever the hell you wish.

The Microwave Variation:


               Not on its own, but it is the foundation of many a recipe that will.
Dorm Cuisine
Contributed by Farticus