Penne Pasta
Contributed by Charliedigz
Here's a recipe I've been making for years, and it only requires 1 pan.
1/2 of a 32oz. bag of penne pasta noodles
1/2 of a 26oz. jar of commercially available spaghetti sauce
Contributed by Farticus
I, Farticus, will submit the first and most basic staple of dorm cuisine.
1 part rice
2 parts water
1 pot with lid
Rice is inexpensive, filling, tasty, easy to make, super-healthy, and the backbone of...
In accordance with Principle No. 6, TheSmogBlog is dedicated to The Student and making The Student’s life better in any way possible.  To this end, TheSmogBlog is initiating a challenge: a forum to enable students living in dormitories to enjoy fine cuisine despite having limited or no money — and probably no kitchen — by publishing recipes that can be made at a limited cost with the limited number of appliances that can fit in a dorm room.  Only three appliances will be allowed: a dual electric burner, a cheap toaster oven available at various chain pharmacies (students need to watch their budget), a mini-fridge (where the hell else are you going to put the beer?).
Mothers, help out your children and...
Submit your recipes.
Posted recipes will be rated on the following criteria:
1.  Flavor
2.  Cost
3.  Total time required
4.  Number of dishes that need to be cleaned
5.  Nutritional value
Bonus Points Awarded For:
1.  No plates needed
2.  No flatware needed
3.  No cooking needed
Severe Penalty Points Deducted For:
1.  The need to wash anything whatsoever mid-recipe
A Separate Rating Will Be Made For The Answer To:
Will this dish get me laid?
Submit your recipes.
Recipe Recipe     
Microwave Controversy The The purpose of this forum is an exchange of recipes.  It is not about telling a kid to buy a microwavable meal and nuke it.  However, TheSmogBlog realizes that many students will have a microwave oven and not a toaster oven, so for purposes of this forum, the recipe must be able to be made in a toaster oven and alternate directions on how to make the same recipe in a microwave are encouraged. If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.
- Carl Sagan Dorm Cuisine
(artist rendition)