November 7, 2011
        Every year I attend a charity auction.  It is of the familiar kind, commonly called an English auction.  The bidders offer a succession of bids, each higher than its predecessors, until no further bid is offered.  The sale is then made to the last bidder, who pays the full amount of his bid.  The auctioneer, a kind of master of ceremonies, facilitates the activity.  He announces each item as the bidding on it is about to begin and suggests an opening bid.  Later, when the bidding lags, he warns the bidders that, unless another bid is offered very soon, he will declare the bidding ended on the current item...
October 24, 2011
        I knew Nan only briefly about a quarter century ago, but I am unlikely to forget her, if for no other reason, because of the anecdote I here recount.
        When I knew Nan the feminist movement was much newer than it is now, and the alertness to avoiding stereotypes had not yet soaked into society’s consciousness to the degree it has now.  Speak of a nurse or a teacher, and a feminine image formed in one’s head; speak of a doctor or principal, and the image was masculine.  Nan was a doctor...
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