A Second With The Second
May 2, 2011
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,
the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
- Second Amendment, Bill of Rights
That’s all it says, yet these few words have been the subject of unrelenting interpretation.  Many Americans complain that Amendment Numero Dos should have been more exactingly written so as to minimize any misunderstanding, but no such luck — it is what it is...
Why I Voted Yes On Prop. 8
November 10, 2008
I am a supporter of all gay rights.  I believe in equal rights for all.  I see no reason why one human being should have less (or different) rights than another.  Being heterosexual, allowing or disallowing homosexuals to marry will have absolutely no effect on my life.  I do not even categorize homosexuality as being "aberrant."  Why then did I vote to ban gay marriage?  The answer might surprise you...
Kevin Lassiter: Delusional Whackjob
August 27, 2008
FOOTHILL RANCH, CA - Three weeks ago Kevin Lassiter was attacked by a mountain lion on Borrego Trail in Orange County's Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park resulting in three four- and five-inch long claw marks requiring 27 stitches and a rabies shot.  The 47-year-old victim, a self-described homeless man, said he "wasn't scared at all."
Mr. Lassiter makes his home next to the dumpster across the street from the popular park...
What’s In The Water?
August 12, 2008
BEIJING, CHINA - Casual spectators and the worldwide swimming community alike are abuzz about the number of swimming world records being broken at the Beijing Olympics.  And not just broken: shattered.  In a sport where world records are normally broken by tenths, or even hundredths of seconds, records at the Beijing Olympics are being destroyed by full seconds...
Memories of John Archibald Wheeler (1911-2008)
April 29, 2008
    John A. Wheeler died April 13 at the age of 96.  He was arguably the last survivor of the great physicists from the generation who contributed to the early years of modern quantum mechanics.  He is best known for his efforts to find a unifying viewpoint that would encompass all of physics and thereby do away with the seeming incompatibilities between quantum mechanics and general relativity...
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