Another Stake Driven Deep into the Dying Heart of Amerikan "Liberalism"
So of course the endless inevitable & seemingly irrevocable doomed downward trajectory of electoral politics & representative democracy appears to be proceeding apace, right on schedule, as it struts & frets its soul-sickening funereal Totentanz of hours upon the stage, barreling headlong & hellbound into the yawning, gaping stygian abyss of tenebrous void, & O what a highly financed void it is, gentle reader.  These bloody miserable political conventions, which have lately & somewhat mercifully concluded this most recent quadrennial go-round, used to be at least somewhat engaging, back in the day.  Now they are utterly unwatchable, all drama & spontaneity having long ago been systematically drained from the increasingly inane proceedings like so much pus from a gigantic festering maggot-ridden sore.  This time round we were so fortunate & blessed as to have two consecutive weeks of conventional cavorting, one right after the other, a full fortnight of wall-to-wall bullshit.  For someone who grew up avidly anticipating such events, for which Chicago 1968 hath forever set the template which shall ne'er be equalled, not even close, & who as well even worked security on the floor of the 1984 Democratic Convention at Moscone Center in San Francisco, these dreadfully dreary affairs have become deadeningly predictable & altogether unendurable (competing levels of late & lamented abstract expressionist improvised bebop canvas of violence & civic stagnation &/or regression, both within the hall & out on the streets, tear gas, billy clubs & broken skulls, increasing armadas of empty vessels drowning in bloody despair, alas, we shall not see its like again).  Dissent is the very lifeblood of democracy (although money is the mother's milk of politics); I don't know who must have said it first, between Thomas Paine & Soupy Sales & the delinquent devils who caper & mock at the malignant edges of darkly receding marginalia, but I just did, & there is absolutely none of it to be had in today's manufactured, canned spectacles of cloyingly opulent, mindless adoration & affirmation, occurring in a morally bereft & squalid high-priced vacuum which we all know nature, notwithstanding the cost, abhors.  Additionally of course is the classic assertion that the Tree of Liberty must be watered by the blood of patriots round about every twenty years or so, generationally as it might be, according to ol' Tom Jefferson, who knew a thing or two about such matters.  The political/media establishment would have you believe that the so-called debate is all about jobs & the economy, stupid, along with the usual folderol about faith & family (vomit now).  Don't be fooled, mister &/or ma'am, this is an issue, but there are other issues afoot as well, which will not be discussed because the parties agree, the artificial consensus persists & the diabolical illusion lingers on with a ceaseless vengeance.  Said issues include war & peace, justice & humanity, human rights & civil liberties, constitutional & international law; but such things are not spoken of in polite society.  Hence the emphasis from both political parties on the love of an alleged Judeo-Christian God, & of nuclear (or post-nuclear) families, at the expense of genuine political issues which actually affect & impact public policy.  I don't give a rat's ass what my liberal friends say, I still aver that the highlight of both conventions (not that I could bear to watch either one for more than a few moments at a time) was the immortal Clint Eastwood trading riffs with an empty chair whilst calling for an immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan, much to the chagrin & ridicule of said liberal friends, who continue to support & propagandize on behalf of the warmonger-in-chief.  Meanwhile, Our President continues to update his Kill List, expand his extralegal & extrajudicial powers in clear violation of the Constitution as well as domestic & international law, all the while protecting known war criminals & prosecuting those good citizens who would dare call attention to those crimes, torture, assassinations & other such offences against humanity.  Who of note would dare object to the President's autocratic indiscretions & indulgences?  His "liberal" admirers gush & fawn over his cold-blooded ultraviolent militaristic excesses, whilst the likes of Willard "Mitt" Romney & his neocon confederates continue to bitch & moan & whine, rather unconvincingly, about B.O.'s alleged weakness & softness upon the international stage.  Nay, brothers & sisters, said weaknesses are to be found in abundance in the domestic political theatre before such reactionary vermin, as well as in the craven prostrations before the most unyielding & draconian representatives of the Zionist entity ("Moloch the heavy judger of men!" — Allen Ginsberg, Howl, part II); sive aliis verbis, calcandi supera me: "Tread on me" (won't you?).  Ah well, onward to the "debates", which are almost as unworthy & inconsequential as the miserable conventions which preceded them.  The first & second of these have mercifully come & gone (& finally the third, see below), as well as the tragicomic sideshow of the vice-presidential geekfest as a modest entertainment's momentary divertissement, & a most predictably wretched affair it hath altogether been; one has to wonder if a new nadir has been achieved, even in so young a millennium that has already borne witness to such brain-damaged bloodsuckers as George W. Bush, John McCain & their attendant toadies, courtiers & fulsomely deferential flock of flattering fools.  The second presidential "debate" actually managed to garner a goodly number of favourable reviews from a variety of quarters amongst the political chattering class, even if for no other apparent reason than it were not so markedly dismal as its wretched predecessor, wherein the incumbent seemed to be sleepwalking his way under the collective & accumulated narcoleptic haze as occasioned by the concomitant administration of NyQuil®, animal tranquilizer, airplane glue, toxic industrial inhalants, unicorn droppings & færie dust, only to "progress" to the subsequent exchange from a state of pitiful non-opposition to contemptible token opposition in yet another false dichotomy wherein the two pseudo-combatants agree on almost everything, cravenly pander to almost anything & believe in virtually nothing save for their own unseemly, overweening & supremely hollow personal ambition.  Please note the post-Hype & Change, post-Nürnberg proliferation of "Forward" signs at these teeming, mindless adulatory rallies, where our platitude-obsessed Dear Leader persists in exhorting us to "move forward", on & on ad nauseam, to what end we never get the merest inkling, nor does anyone much seem to care, as both the Amerikan body politic & the English language are both still further degraded, dragged e'er further into the lowly muck in concert if you please, as both major parties conspire in their tireless, largely successful endeavour to eradicate the progressive populist impulse & tradition from the national public landscape until it is all but forgotten, a distant inconvenient fragmentary memory clinging desperately to the last vestige of historical life, soon to be mortally swept away beneath the inexorable tidewater currents of enforced ignorance, systemic neoliberal revisionism & willful collective self-annihilation of the democratic-republican (as opposed to imperial) nation-state.  This fitful, halting attempt at trying to glean the flickering elusive essence of the final furlong (ah, a horse-racing analogy) of a campaign so lacking in essence even by today's lowly standards has mightily stymied my pathetic & repeated attempts to render any sort of feeble commentary that is even remotely worthy of the name, so insignificant, inconsequential & thoroughly mindnumbing, predictably redundant & spectacularly unengaging has been the deadeningly soul-crushing manner in which this impossibly passionless play has seen fit to run its dismal, abysmal course.  As I at last drew near to the closing passages which mark this grim, mirthless occasion, I must confess to a moment of weakness in which I succumbed to a most morbid torpor amongst the myriad assault of thoughts, images, obsessions & compulsions which run unceasing bloody torturous riot in what remains of my war-torn ravaged brain, & so absented myself from further literary outbursts & tentative resolution prior to the third & final alleged debate, during which the two leading candidates were called upon to at last address issues relating to what is known as foreign policy, if you would be so kind to excuse the expression (God forfend that the damnable subject even be acknowledged, given that there is of course no significant divergence of opinion between the two principal rival bloodlusting war criminals other than just how much more military moolah & relatively innocent civilian casualties across the great oil-besotted desert-sanded dreaded Islamic caliphate, upon whose arid climes we have insisted on imposing the dubious unforgivable rain of so much needlessly shed human blood, is required), & I justly had to wonder if either candidate would be pressed to comment upon Amerika's longest war ever (Afghanistan of course) & limitless expansion of drone warfare & quasi-genocidal decimation of the "Ongoing Threat".  Predictably, of course, they were not.  This naturally never fails to inspire ever more outrage, revulsion, & profound existential blood-vomit.  I would note, however, that at least this time the mainstream media with their accumulated conventional wisdom got it right: there was in fact no actual debate because, once again, the candidates insisted on agreeing for nearly the entire duration, save for such nuanced perspectives as to who wanted to increase military spending & be a pandering slave to Israel to the shamelessly greater degree.  Subsequently, I was at last treated to an actual debate featuring Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein, Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, & neo-Dixiecrat candidate Virgil Goode, even though it was co-moderated by none other than Larry King.  Still, thank you, C-SPAN.  Finally, a genuine exchange of hitherto unaddressed issues including ending not only the drug wars but Amerika's imperial militarist adventurism throughout the world as well.  But the other bit of lightly noted news that passed my way round about the same time truly speaks to the sort of positive inspiration that is not so easily come by in this hideous, benighted, hopeless & scum-sodden age to which we now find ourselves consigned: a death shrouded in the sable shadows of a great & most grievous sorrow, yet immortal memory of a singularly noble, heroic, profoundly humane & beneficent figure who tragically recalls the oft-overused lament whose currency has alas been devalued through its wanton & promiscuous application to far less worthy recipients, one George Stanley McGovern: We shall not see his like again.  His passing will be mourned by those who were forever touched by his seemingly limitless humanity, compassion, profound decency, unfailing sense of principle & honour & abiding commitment to peace, justice & human rights.  Yes, the Great Man is gone but his memory & legacy will continue to provide more light & inspiration to those who dare to remember.  His party persists as but an empty shell of its former self, so that those of us who still toil in the vineyards of the glory of his vision must look elsewhere for the faintest hope of the realisation thereof.  Thus I close on the day after the Day of the Dead on the weekend before the Big Day: Election 2012... so what the hell...
Rasputin Rants
November 3, 2012
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