Ten Years Gone... Wars Drone On... How Much Longer Must We Sing This Song?
As if to answer the breathless expectations & silent screams of a ravenously waiting world, this weary old greybeard has at last decided, not without some degree of reluctance, if not diffidence, to break a self-imposed post-election silence upon the bleak & grim subject of Obama's Amerika, Act II, & render unseemly comment thereon.  I hope all you "liberal Democrats" out there are satisfied, inasmuch as we seem to have dodged the proverbial bullet by re-electing the more inoffensive soulless cypher & apologist for Amerikan empire, corporate dominance & constitutional erosion (obliteration of civil liberties, et al), so that the better android might win.  Well folks, 'twould seem that we once again got what "we" voted for: further expansion, consolidation & codification of Bush-Cheney's national security eternal warfare state, continued cover-up of massive-scale rendition & torture at numerous black-ops sites as orchestrated at the highest levels, limitless protection of those criminal perpetrators responsible & prosecution of, as well as denial of basic human rights to, those who would dare expose such criminal atrocities (see Bradley Manning, e.g.), interminable indefinite detention at such illegal facilities, such as Guantánamo, even years after scores of detainees have been exonerated of any hint of wrongdoing & cleared for release, without charges ever having been brought to bear, yet who still languish in torment & despair, even as Our President continues to piously proclaim his absolute prerogative to assassinate anyone, Amerikan or no, at any time or any place upon the planet, without consultation or restraint, as however it may suit his quasi-dictatorial whim.  Yes indeed, another meaningless presidential election has come & gone, major life-&-death issues of grave moral import & serious consequence continue to go unaddressed, & whatever remains of the Amerikan Dream continues to rot & wither upon the vine.  The news is but an endless funereal procession of budgetary stalemates, "fiscal cliffs", "debt ceilings" & "sequesters", dreary, bloodless, lifeless, occasionally punctuated by such all-too-predictably bland, inane & diversionary trifles as "gay marriage" (aka "marriage equality"), “choice” (aka "abortion rights"), "immigration reform", "gun control", "identity politics" & all the other tired vacuous lifestyle-laden swill that passes for issues worthy of attention amongst those who are routinely regarded as the "liberal elite."  Nothing much seems to have notably changed since the onset of the millennium & our collective lurch into the Brave New World, save for a growing acceptance & tolerance of an ever-increasing encroachment on & infringement of our civil liberties by those who should know better & have traditionally spoken out & defended against such egregious & deleterious excesses.  Indeed, given that there is so little new to be said upon the subject, is it any wonder that I have once again been driven to seek out the familiar refuge of strong libations, hard drugs, the mad declamations of my beloved Trombone, deliberate derangement of the senses, obscure portals to blessed oblivion & the unhinged intimations of a dark deliverance which beckons from beyond?  Ah well, 'tis but a rhetorical question requiring naught by way of response, I have never actually abandoned any of these pursuits for a considerable period of time, but am drawn back repeatedly with what might be regarded as a renewed vengeance but is in fact a faltering capacity for joy, alas, fading into dark pools of resignation clotting & seeping into blood-soaked soil of battlefields littered with the detritus of dead soldiers in my empirical imagining, & so the struggle continues ceaselessly apace with no end in sight.  It might arguably be worth wondering, given that the commencement of this writing happened to fall upon a Tuesday, whether or not this was one of those fortnightly occasions whereon recently confirmed CIA Director John Brennan huddles together with the President to regularly update & reconfigure the "Kill List" of which Obama is so apparently fond.  What with all the routine slaughter & mayhem as recklessly wrought by the legions of predator drones which e'er increasingly darken the skies hanging heavily o'er a number of countries which happen to be located in a "strategically significant" portion of the world, & given as well that these lethal programmes remain for the most part officially unacknowledged & largely classified, I can scarce conceive of the need for even the pretense of a list of the doomed, inasmuch as this new & improved remotely rendered version of what used to be called a body count sure enough dissolves into the warmly familiar sanitised haze of Amerikan triumphalism.  But this time there shall be no on-the-ground coverage of GI's wantonly killing & being killed, no depictions of desperation & madness & grinding, senseless bloodletting upon the sands of the Middle East, no investigative journalistic exposés on the systemic violence & genocidal excesses of empire, nothing to needlessly disturb the numbed sensibilities of the Amerikan TV viewer, effectively neutralised, æsthetically lobotomised & morally emasculated & sterilised.  Our militarist masters have learned their lessons well... can we say the same, without devolving into the hideous unnerving maniacal laughter which only, if tentatively, achieves momentary expiration in the decay of its echo subsiding grimly on the far side of the door which opens & closes mercilessly unto the stark angularities & eviscerating mortalities of the padded cell?  Wait... listen for it... do you hear it?  Is it the laughter of the damned, the thunder of madness, Ginsberg's crack of doom on the hydrogen jukebox?  I attend further & anon, listening to the moans of the Beast, bearing witness to its dreadful prophecies, anticipating the ghastly revelations sure to follow in its infernal aftermath, & nod knowingly, with fear & trembling, wondering how many more horrific manifestations arisen from the pit can I absorb... & endure... & thence go on...
Rasputin Rants
March 29, 2013
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