Exposing War Crimes: Over 100 Years in Stir; Committing Same: Priceless!
O yes, & thank you very kindly indeed for happening by my grimly & existentially solitary metaphorical campfire, whereby I am perforce pathologically wont to roast, torture & burn the dying vestiges of the doomed ashen embre-like remnants of my dreams (save of course the unrelenting nightmares, increasingly peopled, or at least biologically dominated, by legions of ferociously carnivorous & fine-toothed rodents who collectively insist upon swarming & feasting upon the rotting remains of my unseemly person).  I do concede, of course, that it is verily incumbent upon me, as designated political correspondent on behalf of this venerable & shamefully underappreciated blog, to continue to comment upon such anticonstitutional abominations as the ever-increasing flurry of indiscriminately fatal drone strikes upon countless civilians of all ages, both at home & everywhere abroad, as well as the likewise ever-increasing revelations of indiscriminate NSA surveillance of virtually all Americans of all ages, as what little remains of our fatally besieged civil liberties has been avariciously devoured by the bipartisan consensus of the leadership of both major political parties; bipartisanship which, I believe it can fairly be averred, is in fact bipartisanship at its bloody worst.  But observe how quickly, with what disturbing & unsettling ease, the dominant political chattering classes on network & cable TV have lasciviously embraced the neo-totalitarian narrative of our national security state, O what surprise & bloody wonder, as the empire continues to suck the blood from the hideous vestigial carcass of our fatally & tragically mortal republic, wounded beyond repair, oozing, bubbling & blaspheming (thank you H. P. Lovecraft & Cthulhu Mythos) horrific excrescences both the ungodly hue & consistency of some sort of dreadful & dæmonic manner of blackberry jam spewing forth from all bodily cavities, known & unknown, in concert & with conspiratorial abandon (not exactly breaking news but merely an update from your most humble narrator, looking on in unspeakable horror as this ghastly slow-mo autopsy proceeds grimly apace).  Notwithstanding my aforementioned, if dubious, status as goofball politico jiveass motherfucker of this esteemed online publication (all power to the peoples, man, you dig?), grossly ragged & intolerably offensive by any & all standards or pretense of decency, I had more or less in a state of proverbial hysterical abandon intended to compose something of a hymn (which term stinks far more of Luther's Protestant Reformation than of the Mystery & Sanctity of the Holy Mother Roman Catholic Church, wherefrom my forbears indulged & begat, possibly with little or no shame, which latterly lies upon & renders asunder that which is left unto me), but yet again I do sore digress, so as I was saying, something of a hymn to the transcendental & excruciatingly exquisite soul-shattering wonders of the astonishing Liebestod which closes out Wagner's Tristan und Isolde, following virtually no sleep, much booze, & many exotic & eclectic drugs which barely got me through the preceding week & a half, or so.  I can assure you, gentle reader, that many brass instruments were played (by me in my godforsaken solitude), but given my doomed & unsavoury compulsion to retain some semblance of awareness as to what in the Sam Hill is going on about me in the hellbound trajectory of these United States, my attention was unfortunately redrawn to the fate of one Pfc. Bradley Manning, not to mention what lies ahead for the likes of Messrs. Edward Snowden & Julian Assange.  Apologies to all for burying the lead, but this simply was not the column I had originally intended to write.  I guess what passes for the good news, relatively speaking, is that when Bradley Manning is sentenced (which should be any day now), instead of receiving possibly 135 years or more for alerting the Amerikan people to the inexcusable war crimes that have been & continue to be perpetrated in our name, he will instead be sentenced to no more than 90 years, for whatever reason, & we can thank the Lord that he is still a very young man, for if he serves his full term, he should be not much more than 110 years of age when he is finally discharged from the hoosegow, having paid his debt to society for trying to keep them at least marginally informed & having learned his lesson, assuming he's not dead yet!  Add to that the fact that the Eric Holder Dept. of "Justice", under the ægis of the filthy Obama administration, continues to this very day to go out of its way to protect the likes of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al. from ever having to account for their unconscionable war crimes in a court of law, & by god cannot we all take fulsome pride in a system of juris prudence (won't you come out & play?) that can nae but fail to be the envy of all the civilised world?  Don't worry, you don't have to answer, it was just a rhetorical question.  Of course I feel terribly guilty & self-indulgent for having taken so bloody long to get to the point, but as I have tried to explain, this was not the column I had initially intended to write.  However, certain circumstances have managed to intervene & right my course anew, as 'twere, so that my original intention to immerse myself in one of my obsessive-compulsive self-indulgent songs of praise to Herr Richard Wagner was properly redirected towards my assigned beat involving, amongst other things, the existence of justice or lack thereof throughout the land, as we all sink & founder in a cesspool of neoliberal quasi-fascism, & the self-appointed (& all too frequently re-elected) guardians of our hallowed & benighted commonweal gather yet again in most unholy communion to further plot & execute, with malice aforethought, the deliberate & suicidal sinking of the ship of state from deep within her rotting timbers, wherein I continue to reside & descend just a little while longer, before perishing anon.  These occasional desperate gasps are but doomed dispatches from the ever-enveloping briny deep.  Would that I had gills... or perhaps not... I would lustily inhale said brine with a great & rapacious avidity!
Rasputin Rants
August 15, 2013
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