Tricky Dick Cheney on the Art & Execution of Unmitigated Disaster
O it hath been a frisky, fractious & frolicsome succession of months on the auld sorry & sodden campaign trail, littered with vermin, parasites, high-rent grifters, malignant misshapen casualties & toxic manure adorning & festooning the disease-ridden wayward & disreputable path which wends its filthy scum-soaked doomed & degenerate descent unto eventual election & sullied unhallowed accession in the name of some unspeakably squalid nominal "victory" to what is commonly regarded as the Highest Office in All the Land.  Yea verily, in the name of all that is even remotely accurate, let alone hideously true, is it possible for the most marginally sentient being to discern the most obscure vestigial remnant, the last lone dying ember of whatever mortal fragment of dignity is still capable of attaching itself to the ever increasingly unseemly spectacle of the pursuit of the Presidency of these United States?  The current incumbent, in the absence of even a nominal primary challenger who might consider trying to drag his sorry complacent & complicitous corporate warmongering arse just a few degrees left toward centre where old Dick Nixon used to reside, as well as wherein approximately two thirds (⅔) of Amerikans currently surveyed believe we should get the Sam Hill out of Afghanistan immediately, if not sooner, has an obviously all too clear path to his party's renomination, an excruciatingly apparent benefit which clearly derives from said Prez's representation & alleged leadership of a political party which can no longer in good faith claim to stand for much of anything at all.  As a purported panoply of alternatives to this pathetically hollow straw dog, our old friends in the GOP have managed to scrape up nothing better than the most grotesque assortment of carnival sideshow freaks imaginable, who, lacking either the native perception, intelligence or imagination to muster a sound, coherent & legitimate challenge, opt instead, armed only with their own grim psychopathology, eager atavistic avidity for diseased notoriety, as well as unspeakable wads of heavy-duty right-wing cash, to take that long dark existential saunter down Nightmare Alley, biting the heads off chickens, inhaling their blood, & aspiring to the infernal aristocracy of geekdom, subsequent to which they are doomed to wander in madness, muttering deranged platitudes unto shadows, losing thanatological arguments with dimly lit walls in obscure alleyways, trembling, gesticulating, diminishing & eventually vanishing into the grim & dusky finality of tortured pathways leading only to nothing, to bleak anonymity & blackest night.  It is in precisely such festive gloom that an old & fondly remembered poisonous reptile deigns to crawl out from under his rock & expose his malignant & criminal epidermal backside of moral depravity & blood-soaked filth for all the world to behold & marvel at yet again, creeping into the lurch & fouling the void with the most noxious intent of evil yet to emanate from a single individual who has already damned & defiled the inchoate waters of the new millennium even in its own infancy.  This abominable & infernal sub-human monstrosity is known to venture forth from his "undisclosed" stygian habitat from time to time, almost exclusively under the highly toxic radioactive auspices of such congenially carcinogenic blackguards as the swell folks at Fox Noise & all the other reactionary satellite vermin who greedily suck at the scum-ridden detritus which blights their orbit & soils their wake.  I speak of course of the one & only Richard B. Cheney, the most powerful U.S. Vice-President of all time, a man who makes George W. Bush seem gracious & statesmanlike by comparison, indeed a man who would have been shunned as too twisted & depraved by the defendants at Nürnberg circa 1945 to even be allowed to sit in the same dock with them, & quite rightly so.  But occasionally, as I have pointed out, this slimy rat-bastard swine manages to squirm & crawl & sleaze his way back into the news whenever he feels his corrosive psychopathic wisdom has been unjustly ignored for too long a time, & not enough sentient life forms, particularly humans, are either killing or being killed, torturing or being tortured, & in general inflicting enough misery, anguish, devastation & destruction.  Why is this biological obscenity, the Guiltiest Man in Amerika, permitted to slither freely at large upon the land, delivering highly paid speeches in front of fellow neo-con audiences whilst hiding in fear from more diverse aggregations of popular opinion wherein the still flickering flame of democracy stubbornly refuses to capitulate, collapse & expire into smouldering ember & ashen pyre?  I shall address that query presently, but not before reminding thee, gentle reader, that the party in question only emerges to criticise the incumbent administration for its alleged lack of bloodthirsty, war-hungry zeal: again, not enough killing, torture, mayhem, ritual disfigurement, recreational dismemberment, ferocious disembowelment & further unrestrained orgiastic atrocities.  Of late, Big Bad Dick Cheney has had the good & great fortune to be one of the most unworthy, if not the single least deserving heart transplant recipient of our age... imagine, a heart for Dick Cheney... if something is not wrong with this picture, I surely cannot conceive of what that might possibly be.  The supremely cowardly Obama administration, as ever attended by Atty. Gen. Holder's so-called Dept. of Justice, has gone out of its way to shield & protect Big Bad Dick & all the other war criminals from the previous administration from the merest hint of prosecution, the mildest taint of alleged infraction.  Moreover, the relatively "new kids on the block" have likewise gone out of their way to sustain, perpetuate & expand upon the illegal & anticonstitutional practises of the endless War on Terror whilst "liberal" Democrats in Congress remain uncritical & silent, caught up in the partisan fervour of a meaningless general election which emptily looms some six months hence (Dennis Kucinich, ye shall be missed).  So Dick Cheney, fresh from his tragically ill-advised heart transplant (which has the dual misfortune of not only extending his life but effectively denying the life-saving properties of said organ to another, more worthy recipient, which is to say virtually anyone & everyone else extant), & by way of showing his version of gratitude to the incumbent for "having his back", rears his festering ill-formed head once again to proclaim that Pres. Obama is an "unmitigated disaster", something the former VP should surely know something about, notwithstanding that it seems plainly clear that said prez is at the very least a "mitigated disaster", incapable of causing as much damage as the preceding tenants no matter how intent upon the enterprise, yet still more than able to fool not only the extreme right-wing yahoos who are convinced he is a Muslim Socialist, but the mindless Hollywood liberals who can't wait to lay down tens of thousands of dollars for a plate of highbrow chow & a chance to rub elbows with the Anointed One, who will waste little time in the grand effort to herd the bloody lot of us into the grim dystopian future which awaits us all.
Rasputin Rants
May 15, 2012
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