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Attempting to Flee the Beast, Alas in Vain, Doomed & Back in the Bastard's Arms
May 27, 2014
Ye gods, it's been a long bloody time since I bothered to even try to vomit forth a few unseemly words on either this or that topic (I have not yet decided upon which, in no particular order), given the inherent limitations lurking conspicuously within the claustrophobic confines of an absurdly self-imposed conceptual cul-de-sac, inasmuch as I seem to have so little to say about anything anymore that can't better be said on the Trombone.  Still, I cannot help but feel more than a trifle abashed, neglecting whate'er remains of my moribund literary tendencies in order to pursue with a near solitary fanatical obsession the mastery of the aforementioned horn, but I am long used to awakening with a sense of all-pervading shame, panic & self-loathing, in abject throes of proverbial night terrors & cold sweats, from recurring nightmares involving torture chambers, hospital gurneys, numerous restraints & multiple surgical impalements, modifications, "improvements", disfigurations, disembowelments...
Exposing War Crimes: Over 100 Years in Stir; Committing Same: Priceless!
August 15, 2013
O yes, & thank you very kindly indeed for happening by my grimly & existentially solitary metaphorical campfire, whereby I am perforce pathologically wont to roast, torture & burn the dying vestiges of the doomed ashen embre-like remnants of my dreams (save of course the unrelenting nightmares, increasingly peopled, or at least biologically dominated, by legions of ferociously carnivorous & fine-toothed rodents who collectively insist upon swarming & feasting upon the rotting remains of my unseemly person).  I do concede, of course, that it is verily incumbent upon me, as designated political correspondent on behalf of this venerable & shamefully underappreciated blog, to continue to comment upon such anticonstitutional abominations as the ever-increasing flurry of indiscriminately fatal drone strikes upon countless civilians of all ages, both at home & everywhere abroad, as well as the likewise ever-increasing revelations of indiscriminate NSA surveillance of virtually all Americans...
All I Know Is That He Can No Longer Eat Solid Food.
He is slated to be our main political blogger.  And he does know his shit.
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