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350 Years Ago
Poet John Milton, 58,
Blind and Broke, Sells
The Publishing Rights To
Paradise Lost For £10
April 27, 1667
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Vent Your Spleen
A Message To You, Jodi
September 8, 2014
I have been planning a blog on why the Prosecution has no chance in hell of sticking Jodi Arias with the death penalty ...and then, on August 4, as if thoughtfully designed to kick me in the ’nads (thank you very much), Miss Arias decided to represent herself in the upcoming penalty phase of her first-degree murder trial.  Although her defense attorneys will be in court to "advise," her key to avoiding the death penalty has been chucked into a shit-crater, and unless she corrects this wrong turn she will likely be sentenced to die.  That is to say, Jodi Arias is incapable of arguing the key point that will spare her life...
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 7.  We acknowledge Susan Moss as the present-day Oracle of Athena.
 8.  We will not march rank and file to the corporate drumbeat,
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 9.  We will peel back the onion.
 10.  We will not eat mayonnaise with our french fries.
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