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130 Years Ago
The First Army-Navy
Football Game Is Played:
Navy Wins 24-0
"The Plain," West Point, New York
November 29, 1890
Today In History
Vent Your Spleen
What Is Science?
March 1, 2008
The convention in our society is that common usage determines the meaning of a word.  So we learn what a word really means, not by theorizing about what it "should" mean, but by observing how it is used in reference works (including dictionaries and encyclopedias), by the media, and during discussions.  If we do this for the word “science”, we find the following:
There is a loosely organized community of people widely recognized as being "scientists"...
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And Finally...
Theatre And Finally...
Theatre That was Great! That was Appalling!       DECLARATION oƒ PRINCIPLES

 1.  We will tell it like it is.
 2.  We will provide the people with a fighting and tireless champion
       of their rights as citizens and human beings.
 3.  Curse words will be involved.
 4.  Everybody will be treated with respect, unless they are scum.
 5.  We will challenge the Party Line even if we agree with it.
 6.  We will do everything possible to give all Americans access to 
       quality education.
 7.  We acknowledge Susan Moss as the present-day Oracle of Athena.
 8.  We will not march rank and file to the corporate drumbeat,
       unless they are laying down a particularly funky groove.
 9.  We will peel back the onion.
 10.  We will not eat mayonnaise with our french fries.
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